Art & Animal Rights with Amanda Moeckel

Join us for a conversation with two amazing artists: Amanda Moeckel ( and Jules Anslow ( Learn about what inspires them, and how animal rights/veganism have impacted their creative lives. Explore the potential of art to raise awareness about issues related to animal rights. Find out about some of their favorite works, and discover what … Continue reading

Ben Mater, creator of the Vegan Athlete website, and ultramarathoner/Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier

This Tuesday Animal Voices will speak with vegan athlete and advocate, Ben Mater ( Ever wonder where vegan athletes get their protein? Curious about how vegan athletes meet their nutritional needs? Want to learn more about why many athletes choose a vegan diet? And where do people find decent vegan running shoes?? Spend an hour … Continue reading

Margo DeMello on Stories Rabbits Tell

Margo DeMello on Stories Rabbits Tell

This week’s show should be excellent. Rabbits are amazing animals; find out why. Who: Margo Demello, co-author of the book Stories Rabbits Tell: A Natural and Cultural History of a Misunderstood Creature. What: (from the Lantern Books website) Susan E. Davis and Margo DeMello explore the relationship between rabbits and people throughout time, from the perspectives of … Continue reading

Science, Ecology, and Humane Education with Marc Bekoff

I am very pleased to announce today’s guest on Animal Voices, Marc Bekoff. We’ll be discussing Professor Bekoff’s new book, Strolling with Our Kin: Speaking For and Respecting Voiceless Animals, as well as his perspective on science, animal rights, ecology, humane education, in addition to his work with Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and Jane Goodall’s Roots … Continue reading