Avoiding activist burnout with poet James Strecker and Miyun Park of Compassion Over Killing

Today’s show will be about activist burnout, both within activism in general and animal rights activism in particular. Burnout seems to plague our movement and other social justice movements. It can be alienating and depressing to continually confront the horrors of the world, with little opportunity to witness immediate change. Sometimes activists don’t take the time to care for themselves, or feel that they don’t deserve a break in the face of such overwhelming pain and suffering.

We’ll reflect on these issues, and share some perspectives on self-care and tips for avoiding burnout. We’ll be talking with Miyun Park, an activist and animal cruelty investigator with Compassion Over Killing. We’ll also be speaking with an in-studio guest, accomplished writer James Strecker. Additionally, Animal Voices will read Tooker Gomberg’s “Letter to an Activist,” which the late environmental activist wrote on Earth Day 2002.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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