Jonah Sachs of Free Range Graphics (creators of The Meatrix) and Paul Shapiro of Compassion Over Killing

Today, Animal Voices will be speaking with Jonah Sachs, co-founder of Free Range Graphics and visionary behind The Meatrix, the incredibly popular Flash animation about factory farming. Jonah will tell us all about alternative and activist-orientated graphic designing as well as give us the inside scoop on The Meatrix.

In the last half hour, we’ll hear from Paul Shapiro, a Compassion Over Killing (COK) investigator. COK has been really busy lately researching chicken industry literature, documenting factory farm conditions, and doing heaps of media outreach. They’ve recently put out a new documentary call “45 Days: The Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken.” They’ve also launched a new website all about the chicken industry. Find out about their investigation and what their Broiler Industry Report reveals about the modern industrial agriculture. Guaranteed to inspire, Paul will also let us know what we can do to help.

As an extra treat, a Toronto animal activist and amazing baker will share with us one of her favourite quick and easy vegan recipes!

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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