Richard Kahn talks about, ecological consciousness, and saving the planet

Interview with Richard Kahn, publisher of the Vegan Blog. Richard will join us to talk about, a “collective based in Southern California that aims to promote ecological consciousness, sustainable living practices, and animal rights to a burgeoning global culture that is interested in what it can do to help save the planet!” provides a wide range of resources including a Vegan Blog, a news page, recipes, community links, and all matter of information.

Richard Kahn is the Chair of Ecopedagogy at the UCLA Paulo Freire Institute and we will discuss his thoughts on critical education, environmentalism, veganism, animal rights, and cyberculture. Richard is currently studying with Douglas Kellner, with a focus on “thinking about how the revolutionary developments occurring between humanity, the culture of technocapital, and nature affect the future course of progressive left radicalism”. In addition to his Ph.D. research, Richard is the Director of and a director with The Center on Animal Liberation Affairs.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

Download a transcript of the show.

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