VeganEssentials, vegan bodybuilding, and The Organic Buddha Café

Guest co-host Laura Armstrong will let us in on what it was like opening up her vegetarian restaurant in the middle of Toronto’s Greek district, how it’s going one year later and how her activism has triggered a meeting place where the interests of Toronto’s veg community can connect and grow.

We’ll also be speaking with Ryan, one of the team responsible for the online vegan supply store, VeganEssentials. Every vegan knows how difficult it is to shop for the essentials like leatherless shoes or vegan marshmallows and Ryan will tell us how we can get these and everything in between. He’ll tell us how it evolved from a catalog-based mail order service to a website that boasts over 800 cruelty-free items.

Then we’ll be shifting gears to hear about another of Ryan’s interests, bodybuilding: “In addition to my work for our vegan business, I’m an avid weightlifter and do my part to try and spread the word that the myth of all vegans being small and weak is untrue.” Check out Ryan’s picture and training here.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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