Negotiating veg/non-veg relationships with author and educator, Jo Stepaniak

We will be talking about working through and with veg/non-veg relationships and addressing many questions that can arise when two lifestyles collide: When ethics are at the forefront of a veg*n’s mind, is it possible to have a lasting, meaningful relationship with a meat-eater? Is such a divergent relationship destined for failure or do happy veg/non-veg couples exist? Are you a veg*n who wouldn’t give a meat-eater a second look? If you live happily with a meat-eater, are there any rules in your relationship, e.g. no meat in the house? Do veg*ns alienate themselves if they never give meat-eaters a chance? Do you have any advice for others struggling to find like-minded partners? How have you found happiness? To help us tackle some of these subjects, we will be reading some of our listeners’ responses. Additionally, we will be joined by the wise and inspiring educator and author Jo Stepaniak. Jo is well-known for her wonderful cookbooks, including The Uncheese Cookbook and The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. She is also the author of Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness, & HarmonyThe Vegan Sourcebook; and Being Vegan.

Listen right now (cut off at beginning):

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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