Dr. Joel Fuhrman talks about soy and processed foods and investing in your health

Dr. Joel Fuhrman discusses his latest book, Eat To Live, and how cutting out animal proteins and processed food are the first steps to a long and healthy life. We also delve into the world of processed soy products (soy “cheese”, soy “meat”, etc.), a popular replacement for those not wanting to give up their comfort foods when switching to a vegan diet. But are they good for you? Dr. Fuhrman shares his advice on discovering the wonders of vegan food and offers his theory on investing in your health for a bright future.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a nationally recognized nutritional expert, board-certified family physician, and author of Eat To Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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