Raising Vegan Children with Erin Pavlina plus Veggie Songs from Bob Pyle

Interviews with Erin Pavlina, editor of VegFamily Magazine and author of Raising Vegan Children in a Non-Vegan World, and singer-songwriter Bob Pyle.

Erin Pavlina is the Editor of VegFamily.com, a web-based magazine, and the author of Raising Vegan Children in a Non-Vegan World. This positive and practical book addresses many of the challenging questions parents may have as they raise their children vegan. For example, what will you do when someone teases or bullies your child in school just because s/he’s vegan? If your partner is not vegan, can you successfully raise your children vegan anyway? Erin also serves as an expert panelist at Mothering.com, and her articles have appeared in publications world-wide.

During the last portion of the hour, we’ll be hearing from the jovial Bob Pyle about his new CD “Apples and Oranges” with such tunes as “World Made out of Spam,” “When They Close the Golden Arches” and “The Mango Fandango.” Bob is a long time vegetarian and animal rights supporter and is the founder of the Baltimore-Washington Songwriter’s Association which has produced three compilation recordings. “I wanted to make a vegetarian-themed / animal rights CD that would have mass appeal, and hopefully get some radio play.”

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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