Dr. Kenneth Shapiro on childhood abuse of animals

Dr. Shapiro, founder and editor of Society and Animals: Journal of Human-Animal Studies, will share his insights into the reasons kids hurt animals, precursors to abuse, ideas for prevention, techniques for treatment, and connections between human and animal violence. He will also tell us about the innovative AniCare Child materials developed through the Society & Animals Forum.

More on AniCare Child:

AniCare Child is the first published treatment approach to focus exclusively on juvenile cruelty to animals. The 90 page practitioner’s handbook provides comprehensive strategies and practical suggestions for assessing and treating childhood animal abuse. AniCare Child can be used as the primary treatment focus or as an ancillary treatment. For more information about AniCare Child and the Society & Animals Forum, please visit psyeta.org.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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