Should pit bulls be banned?

We discuss pit bulls and debate breed bans with: Dr. Stanley Coren, one of Canada’s leading dog experts; Daniel Paden from People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals; Vicki Burns, Executive Director of the Winnipeg Humane Society; and Amy White, Director of Communications for the Toronto Humane Society. Plus Vanessa Holm of the Toronto Vegetarian Association talks about the 20th Annual Vegetarian Food Fair.

The recent case of a Toronto man who was mauled by two pit bulls he was walking has ignited the debate over whether a provincial ban on pit bull breeds should be imposed to prevent more attacks. Some say that these dogs have been bred to be vicious fighters, their aggression is beyond repair, and they pose a risk to public safety. Others say the real problem is not with the dogs, but with their guardians and improper training. Others wonder if a ban on pit bull breeds will help dissolve the illegal dogfights and prevent backyard breeders from breeding aggressive dogs, or will it just unfairly target otherwise friendly dogs who are being held responsible for the actions of others.

***Due to the amount of information in this interview, we did not address some important questions regarding safety when dealing with aggressive dogs. Dr. Coren has provided text answers to a few additional points here.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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