Film, A Peaceable Kingdom. Plus, Marineland sues nonprofit for $250,000

Interviews with Dan Wilson of Niagara Action for Animals (NAfA) and the folks who brought us the powerful documentary, Peaceable Kingdom: Director, Jenny Stein; Producer, James LaVeck; and former rancher turned animal advocate, Harold Brown who is featured in the film.

The non-profit organization, NAfA, is being sued by Marineland, who is seeking $250,000 (CDN) in damages for “libel, intentional interference, punitive damages” among other charges — all because of a letter sent by NAfA a few years ago. Dan will give us the scoop on Marineland, how its animals are dying prematurely in captivity, and the details of this bizarre case.

Then we are joined by Jenny Stein, James LaVeck and Harold Brown to discuss the Canadian premiere of Peaceable Kingdom here in Toronto. This poignant film considers the plight of animals within industrial agriculture, and highlights the inspiring work of those who rescue and fight for these creatures. Jenny and James are also the founders of Tribe of Heart, a “nonprofit organization that produces and distributes award-winning documentaries about ordinary people making an extraordinary difference for others.” This widely acclaimed film follows their award-winning documentary, The Witness.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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