Activism Through Entertainment Part II: Compassionate “Veg-ucation” and Veggie Video Games!

Join us for the second exciting installment of Activism Through Entertainment featuring: Kerry Lea who directs a performing troupe of vegetarian/vegan kids; and Johnathan Skinner, President and Founder of Veggie Games, Inc., creator of the video game, Steer Madness, and a founder of Vegan Voices, a Vancouver-based animal rights group. Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns also gives us her view on the passing of California’s foie gras bill.

In addition to teaching acting for kids (ActingCreatively), Kerry conducts “Veg-ucation” workshops teaching creative compassion to kids, teens, and their parents. Her troupe, The Acting Creatively Veg Kids, perform original musical & sketch comedy pieces at animal advocacy events including the upcoming Walk For Farm Animals in New York. Tune in to find out more about Kerry’s novel approach to activism, her incredible and inspiring stories about her students (and their parents!), how she deals with factory farm issues in her classes, and why people are traveling from all over to attend her workshops.

We’ll also speak with Johnathan Skinner who has taken activism to a new level in creating Steer Madness. We’ll find out why he created this non-violent video game about a steer who escapes a slaughterhouse to go on missions to save his animal friends and what game lovers and activists can expect from his new company, Veggie Games.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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