Veganizing America, one U.S. Marine at a time, with Corporal Ravi Chand

U.S. vegan Marine, Ravi Chand, talks about his 7 months in Iraq, how he turned six other Marines vegetarian and one vegan, how he reconciled his stance on nonviolence with going to war, and how his service solidified his veganism. Also, callers let us know what’s on their minds as topics to be discussed in 2005.

About Ravi: Ravi Chand originally went vegan while in college four years ago after learning the truth about what goes on in slaughterhouses. Before going vegan, Ravi did only nominally on the Marine Corps physical fitness test — a grueling test which only the top 1% of the Marine Corps are physically equipped to score perfect on. However, just weeks after going vegan, he noticed huge endurance and strength gains, and finally did what he formerly thought was an impossible feat for his body — he scored perfect on the test. He ran the 3 mile run at an avg of 5 min 40 second miles, did 30 pullups, and aced the situp portion.

He then went to work for PETA, hoping to demonstrate to others the amazing benefits of veganism. He was a vegan outreach campaign coordinator, traveling around the world doing demonstrations to expose and eliminate cruelty to animals in all its forms.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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