Activism Through Entertainment with Bizarro comic illustrator, Dan Piraro

The first installment of our 2-part series on Activism Through Entertainment features Dan Piraro, creator of BIZARRO, one of the most popular comic strips of all time. Dan Piraro’s daily cartoon feature, BIZARRO, was first syndicated in 1985 and is published in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America and 12 collections of BIZARRO cartoons … Continue reading

Vegan Ironman, Brendan Brazier on his new book and vegan meal replacement, Vega

Vegan athlete, Brendan Brazier is back to talk about his book, Thrive: A Guide to Optimal Health & Performance Through Plant-Based Whole Foods, and his new product, Vega, touted as the first 100% all vegan meal replacement. We’ll also speak with Tony Ayre about ARMORY, the Animal Rights Media Online Repository, and we’ll get Torontonians warmed up for Farm Sanctuary‘s Walk … Continue reading

Film, A Peaceable Kingdom. Plus, Marineland sues nonprofit for $250,000

Interviews with Dan Wilson of Niagara Action for Animals (NAfA) and the folks who brought us the powerful documentary, Peaceable Kingdom: Director, Jenny Stein; Producer, James LaVeck; and former rancher turned animal advocate, Harold Brown who is featured in the film. The non-profit organization, NAfA, is being sued by Marineland, who is seeking $250,000 (CDN) in damages … Continue reading

Should pit bulls be banned?

We discuss pit bulls and debate breed bans with: Dr. Stanley Coren, one of Canada’s leading dog experts; Daniel Paden from People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals; Vicki Burns, Executive Director of the Winnipeg Humane Society; and Amy White, Director of Communications for the Toronto Humane Society. Plus Vanessa Holm of the Toronto Vegetarian Association talks about the 20th … Continue reading

Dr. Kenneth Shapiro on childhood abuse of animals

Dr. Shapiro, founder and editor of Society and Animals: Journal of Human-Animal Studies, will share his insights into the reasons kids hurt animals, precursors to abuse, ideas for prevention, techniques for treatment, and connections between human and animal violence. He will also tell us about the innovative AniCare Child materials developed through the Society & Animals Forum. … Continue reading

Tracye and Marya McQuirter, founders of Black Vegetarians

Black Vegetarians is an inspiring organization that “explores the environmental, ethical and health impact of our food choices. We also profile people, organizations and events all sharing vegetarianism in creative ways, and we provide a host of great recipes and resources.” Tracye McQuirter, a health educator with a Master’s in public health nutrition, and Marya … Continue reading

Raising Vegan Children with Erin Pavlina plus Veggie Songs from Bob Pyle

Interviews with Erin Pavlina, editor of VegFamily Magazine and author of Raising Vegan Children in a Non-Vegan World, and singer-songwriter Bob Pyle. Erin Pavlina is the Editor of, a web-based magazine, and the author of Raising Vegan Children in a Non-Vegan World. This positive and practical book addresses many of the challenging questions parents may have as they … Continue reading

Anthony Nocella II discusses his new book. Plus, a visit to Farm Sanctuary

The first anthology of writings on the history, ethics, politics and tactics of the Animal Liberation Front, Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? Reflections on the Liberation of Animals features both academic and activist perspectives and offers powerful insights into this international organization and its position within the animal rights movement. Calling on sources as venerable as Thomas … Continue reading

Dr. Joel Fuhrman talks about soy and processed foods and investing in your health

Dr. Joel Fuhrman discusses his latest book, Eat To Live, and how cutting out animal proteins and processed food are the first steps to a long and healthy life. We also delve into the world of processed soy products (soy “cheese”, soy “meat”, etc.), a popular replacement for those not wanting to give up their comfort … Continue reading