The Green Party of Canada with leader, Jim Harris, and Environment Critic, Sharon Labchuk

The Green Party of Canada will be seeking your votes in Canada’s next federal election, January 23, 2006. With arguably the best animal protection plank in the world (written by Rebecca Aldworth), the GPC appears to represent a viable choice for those concerned with getting the Canadian government to prioritize animal welfare issues in parliament. However, some … Continue reading

Investigating Canadian Puppy Mills

On last week’s Animal Voices we interviewed HSUS’s Issues Specialist, Adam Goldfarb, about puppy mills in the United States. This week we turn our attention to Canada. We will speak with Pierre Barnoti, the Executive Director of the Montréal SPCA, and Jennifer Dickson from the Animal Advocates Society of BC. Barnoti will explain why puppy mills proliferate in Québec, … Continue reading

Bob Barker & Taimie Bryant: Animal Rights in the Classroom and the Courtroom, Part 1

First, Bob Barker, venerable host of The Price Is Right for the past 34 years, explains his motivation for donating 1 million dollars each to the law schools of Stanford, Columbia, Northwestern, Duke, UCLA and Harvard to fund animal rights law courses. A passionate animal advocate, Bob also set up the DJ & T Foundation in honour of his … Continue reading

AR in Japan / PETA2’s Jason Bayless

First, we speak with author and environmentalist Sakae Hemmi of the Elsa Nature Conservancy from Japan who joined us August 30th to discuss the dolphin hunt. In this interview, Sakae discusses the state of the general animal protection movement in Japan. Then Jason Bayless, senior youth outreach specialist with PETA2, a youth marketing and resource branch of the People … Continue reading