Animal Rites – Interview with Cary Wolfe

Please join us for a conversation with Dr. Cary Wolfe, professor of English at the Rice University in Houston, and author of the recently-published Animal Rites: American Culture, the Discourse of Species, and Posthumanist Theory; and Zoontologies: The Question of the Animal. A challenge to the humanist tradition (including much “animal rights” philosophy), Wolfe’s scholarship astutely explores the meanings and implications of animal ethics for contemporary society.

More on Animal Rites:

“In Animal Rites, Cary Wolfe examines contemporary notions of humanism and ethics by reconstructing a little known but crucial underground tradition of theorizing the animal from Wittgenstein, Cavell, and Lyotard to Lévinas, Derrida, Žižek, Maturana, and Varela. Through detailed readings of how discourses of race, sexuality, colonialism, and animality interact in twentieth-century American culture, Wolfe explores what it means, in theory and critical practice, to take seriously ‘the question of the animal.'”
(University of Chicago Press)

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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