Captivity, a Captain, & Some Sage Advice

As the weather warms, many people emerge from hibernation in search of summer fun, including trips to the zoo. But what are animals’ experiences of captivity? Tomorrow we’ll hear from Rob Laidlaw (Zoocheck) about the physical and psychological effects of confined living. Then Pat Tohill (WSPA) will shed light on the dismal state of Ontario’s roadside zoos.

Next, Lawrence Carter-Long (IDA) will give us the details about this year’s World Week for Animals in Laboratories, which begins April 23. He’ll give us a vivisection primer (types of experiments, rationales for use, etc) and poke a big hole in the myth that animal testing is necessary to combat human disease. As Carter-Long writes, “As a former poster child for cerebral palsy research I’ve personally exposed the flaws of animal research in media interviews and debates against those in the vivisection industry.”

Lastly, barring another bad storm, we’ll connect with the Captain of the Farley Mowat, Sea Shepherd‘s very own Paul Watson. Get his first-hand account of the seal hunt, and his take on the controversies surrounding him and his crew.

Oh! One more thing… Animal Voices responds to the Globe and Mail’s article “Trust and Tofu,” about a woman who took the Veggie Challenge and went vegan for a week. She ate lentils, got headaches, made a delicious tofu roast, and then ended her week by munching on some BBQ pork. We read our listeners’ advice for someone who is trying eat vegan (for at least a week).

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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