Polish AR / Vegan Organic Gardening

Please join us for a conversation with Michal Podogrodzki, a member of Empatia (Empathy) and an editor of animal-liberation.pl. Hear about his personal experience as an animal rights activist and a vegan in Poland. Learn how the Polish animal rights/lib movement has grown since 1989, and get the lowdown on some of the current, local campaigns.

Then we’ll connect with Stephane Groleau, a passionate environmentalist, vegan, and organic horticulturalist, currently living in Victoriaville, Québec. Think plants need manure and bloodmeal to thrive? Groleau will tell us about the alternatives to these animal products, for all you green thumbs out there. Additionally, Groleau will speak about the UK-based Vegan Organic Trust, and their inspiring eco- and animal-friendly initiatives.

Stephane has spent the last three years studying organic farming, and roaming the globe in search of gardens and communities that promote vegan organic principles.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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