Travelling Vegans & Happy Cows?

First half: Many people believe that veganism is difficult, and while veg*ns often claim otherwise, being herbivorous while travelling remains a sticky issue for some. Will veggie fare be readily available? Will I offend my host if I decline certain foods? How do I maintain my diet in a culturally-sensitive way? We’ll be sifting through these questions with Levi Waldron, who is currently travelling and volunteering in Guatemala.

Second half: Milk persists as a symbol of health, purity, and wholesomeness. Yet realities behind industrial dairy production challenge the propaganda associated with the product. Join us for a conversation with Christine Morrissey from the East Bay Animal Advocates who will discuss the organization’s recent California dairy farm investigation. As the largest dairy-producing state in America, California has worked hard convince consumers that their cows are happy, landscapes remain pristine, and environmental sustainability is a priority. The Advocates’ findings clearly demonstrate otherwise.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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