Got Propaganda? Canadian Dairy

Despite the political nastiness occurring recently, Canada continues to be viewed as a relatively moderate, peace-loving nation. Many assume that Canadian animal welfare laws are among the best in the world, both wide-spread and enforced. Speaking specifically about the (industrial) dairy industry, Stephanie Brown will answer the often-asked question, “Is it really that bad in Canada?” Brown is the Farm Animal Advisor for Animal Alliance and a member of the steering committee for the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals.

This will be a great show for those of you who have ever been asked, “What’s wrong with dairy? Don’t cows produce milk anyway? It’s not like they’re killed or anything.”

“There’s no reason to drink cow’s milk at any time in your life. It was designed for calves, not humans, and we should all stop drinking it today.” — Dr. Frank A. Oski, Former Director of Pediatrics, John Hopkins University

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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