Healing ourselves, healing the planet through The Blossoming Lotus

This week, Animal Voices travels to paradise to explore the philosophy of the Kaua’i vegan restaurant, The Blossoming Lotus and its award-winning cookbook, Vegan World Fusion Cuisine. More than just a cookbook, Dr. Jane Goodall writes in her foreword that it “serves as a manual for sustainable, nonviolent living, painting a picture of a world without boundaries, where all cultures are celebrated and all people are treated with respect and caring”.

Lotus co-founder and activist, Gabriel Zingaro, will speak about the Lotus community, the link between social justice and animal rights, redefining profit, the animal protection movement in Hawai’i, and his concept of taking “well days”. Then we’ll connect with Bo Rinaldi, co-author of the cookbook, who “saw a true opportunity to bring the message of health and healing through our food choices by investing in the Blossoming Lotus”. Bo will tell us about expanding the restaurant to Oregon, the path to healing through nonviolence and veganism, and returning to his roots of “health, healing, art and music” after selling his successful software company in 2000.

Gabriel Zingaro: “Currently living on the magical majestic island of Kauai with his partner and two children, Gabe enjoys the deepened sense of spirituality that flows from this sacred island and washes up on its shores. With a background in business management, grassroots organizing and environmental education, Gabe adds a social antiquity to the ever evolving vision of the Lotus. Inspired by those who live in harmony, Gabe seeks to create pockets of community fed by the Lotus – and by stitching themselves together, create the gown that warms the heart of the world. Namaste.”

Bo Rinaldi: “Bo and Star Rinaldi are devoted to service wherever they can help communicate and actualize the message of health, healing and non-violence. They help fund and own a number of related companies at onedegree.com. Bo helped create the perfect diet with Star, who suffered from numerous maladies until embracing a vegan path. Prior to the sale of his company, Bo was featured on MSNBC, CNBC, NHK, the New York Times, and CNN as the ‘Jerry McQuire of Silicon Valley’.”

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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