Callers discuss political strategies for change in the months before Canada’s next election

Please visit and educate Canadian NDP leader Jack Layton about the horrors of foie gras production and ask him to join us in educating others on the plight of all factory farmed animals.

From the Toronto Star: “Jack Layton is sitting on the patio of Bodega restaurant on Baldwin St. in Toronto, spreading foie gras on toast and, it seems, trying out portions of his stump speech.” This quote was a springboard for an open discussion on how best to reach our political leaders in Canada, reform the political climate, and combine our efforts to make some real change for animals in this country before a spring election. Should we focus on the NDP, our best hope for a left-leaning government that might attend to animal rights issues? Are the Greens a viable candidate? Should we even resort to the numbers game that is “democracy” or focus on our grassroots movement? Where is our power and how can we expand it? Hear the various opinions of listeners who called in to have their say during our short call-in segment (followed by a repeat of our interview with Rita Laws). Or, email us your opinion to and we will be discussing this issue at a future date.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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