Behind the Mask with Shannon Keith

Shannon Keith

Tune in for an interview with Shannon Keith, director of “Behind the Mask.” This controversial film-in-progress traces the history of the Animal Liberation Front and provides an insider view of the people and the motivations behind underground animal actions. Sympathetic to those who risk their personal freedom to help animals, “Behind the Mask” seeks to challenge the public perception about these so-called “terrorists” and “extremists.”

Info about the film, dubbed “the true story of the ALF”:

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

Shannon Keith’s Bio: Shannon Keith grew up in Los Angeles, California with a house full of animals. Ever since she was a small child, Shannon rescued injured and homeless animals and nursed them back to health or placed them in loving homes. So, it wasn’t a suprise when Shannon decided to become an animal rights lawyer. Animals are considered property, and Shannon has been striving to change that fact while defending animal rights activists in the courtroom, saving dogs condemned to death in Los Angeles, as well as prosecuting those who abuse animals. (In 2000, Shannon obtained the largest settlement against the City of Los Angeles for the beating death of a dog by a city employee.) Three years ago, Shannon began to challenge the media with her strong message in support of animal liberation actions and activists.

In 2004, Shannon started a non-profit, tax-exempt group called ARME (Animal Rescue, Media & Education). ARME rescues homeless animals and focuses on stopping the problem at its roots through educational initiatives, including making documentaries about animals and animal activists.

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