The Green Party of Canada with leader, Jim Harris, and Environment Critic, Sharon Labchuk

The Green Party of Canada will be seeking your votes in Canada’s next federal election, January 23, 2006. With arguably the best animal protection plank in the world (written by Rebecca Aldworth), the GPC appears to represent a viable choice for those concerned with getting the Canadian government to prioritize animal welfare issues in parliament. However, some of the GPC’s policies, like cutting taxes, may not represent the views of many leftist thinkers who would typically be in favour of voting for a party with an environmentally progressive platform. Joining us are party leader, Jim Harris, and Environment Critic, Sharon Labchuk, to discuss their party’s policies.

Sharon Labchuk is an an environmental activist who lives in Prince Edward Island and works with Earth Action, a non-profit organization that does not accept government or corporate donations. For the past 10 years she has been involved mainly with industrial agriculture and environment issues, as well as opposing the commercial east coast seal slaughter. She became involved with the Green Party as a candidate in the 2004 election and is now the Environment Critic, co-chair of the Shadow Cabinet and Atlantic Canada Organizer.

Jim Harris, a former Tory who changed from a “fiscal conservative” to an “ecological conservative”, is a passionate and committed environmentalist who has been an active member of the Green Party for over 17 years. Since 1990, he has run as a candidate in municipal, provincial, and federal elections in his ongoing efforts to raise environmental awareness. Jim was elected leader of the Green Party of Canada in 2003 and led the party through its most successful election ever, winning nearly 600,000 votes – almost six times the results for 2000.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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