AR in Japan / PETA2’s Jason Bayless

First, we speak with author and environmentalist Sakae Hemmi of the Elsa Nature Conservancy from Japan who joined us August 30th to discuss the dolphin hunt. In this interview, Sakae discusses the state of the general animal protection movement in Japan. Then Jason Bayless, senior youth outreach specialist with PETA2, a youth marketing and resource branch of the People … Continue reading

Canadian Thanksgiving and The Emotional Lives of Turkeys

Please join us for our (Canadian) Thanksgiving show. Richard O’Barry, Marine Mammal Specialist with One Voice-France, will start us off with a reminder about the Oct. 8th international protest of Japan’s dolphin slaughter. Then, in recognition of Canadian Thanksgiving, bestselling author Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson will speak on the emotional lives of turkeys and their plight on factory farms. Listen … Continue reading

Callers discuss political strategies for change in the months before Canada’s next election

From the Toronto Star: “Jack Layton is sitting on the patio of Bodega restaurant on Baldwin St. in Toronto, spreading foie gras on toast and, it seems, trying out portions of his stump speech.” This quote was a springboard for an open discussion on how best to reach our political leaders in Canada, reform the political … Continue reading