Vegan Fitness: Ultramarathon Champion, Scott Jurek & Author, Dr. D. Enette Larson-Meyer

Course record holder and consecutive seven-time champion of the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run; course record holder and defending two-time champion of the Badwater Ultramarathon; the first US runner ever to win Greece’s famed 246K Spartathlon; first-time guest of Animal Voices. Scott Jurek is one of the most accomplished, driven and inspiring vegans on the … Continue reading

Vegan Blogging & Other Indie Media: Or, the many fans of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World

On this show, we venture into the vegan blogosphere, to tackle some serious and not-so-serious questions about the role of independent media within the animal and veggie movements. Blogging, a recent player in the world of alternative media, has provided unique forums for discussion and an opportunity for vegans to challenge mainstream representations of both … Continue reading

Rod Preece on “Brute Souls, Happy Beasts, and Evolution”

In his most recent text, Brute Souls, Happy Beasts, and Evolution, Dr. Rod Preece provides a careful re-reading of some major long-standing assumptions regarding animals’ moral status within Western culture. For example, he challenges typical assertions that Christian doctrine is morally bankrupt in regards to animals, and that the Cartesian notion of animals as “insentient machines” … Continue reading

Igualdad Animal / Animal Equality

Join us for a conversation with Sharon Núñez from Igualdad Animal / Animal Equality, a Spanish and Latin American animal rights organization. Learn how activists in Spain are raising awareness about animal treatment, and how, through a series of creative campaigns, the anti-speciesist movement is growing. From the “meat tray” actions, to chaining themselves to slaughterhouses, Igualdad … Continue reading

“I Used to be a Vegetarian…”: Interview with Rae Sikora Part II

On this week’s show we continue our conversation Rae Sikora, educator and founder of Simply Enough. Rae reflects on her experiences with meditation, and its relationship to her activism. She also talks about her recent trip to an organic turkey farm and the production of “happy meat”. In closing, Rae speaks about working with anger, themes … Continue reading

Radicals and Revolutionaries: An Interview with Maxwell Schnurer

Why do some people become radical activists? Could poking around in their brains elicit any clues? Dr. Maxwell Schnurer, author of “They Took Ulrike Meinhof’s Brain: A Comparative Study of the Causes of and Justifications for Militant Direct Action”, argues against biological explanations for radical and revolutionary behaviour. Instead, Schnurer examines what activists say about … Continue reading

Igniting a Debate: Environmentalism, Religion, and a Call to Action

On this week’s show we connect with Steve Best, who co-edited the provocative anthology Igniting a Revolution: Voices in Defense of the Earth, and Lisa Kemmerer who contributed a chapter entitled, “In the Beginning: God Created the Earth and ‘Ecoterrorism’”. First, Best introduces Igniting a Revolution and discusses “revolutionary environmentalism”, a central theme of the book. He … Continue reading