Let’s Get Baked / Sistah Vegan

If “Let’s Get Baked” were a recipe, it would probably read something like: one part humour, one part music, and one part delicious food. Let’s Get Baked is Halifax’s premier vegan baking show. The hosts, Mat and Dave, along with radio personality Tom Westoll, bring listeners carefully-selected recipes and strangely-informative food tips, mixed together with artist interviews and musical interludes. With gems from the latest show like, “Get your pie-hole ready, because this is sure to be pie-tacular,” “Let’s Get Baked,” teases your tastebuds and satisfies your auditory desires.

For the second part of the program, we’ll speak with inspiring activist and academic Amie Breeze Harper. She will be talking about her anthology project Sistah Vegan! Food, Health, Identity, and Society: Female Vegans of the African Diaspora. In her own words, “Sistah Vegan will weave together stories, poetry and critical essays by female vegans of the African Diaspora. I hope this anthology will create a better understanding of how veganism, for many Black identified females, is directly connected to resistance against legacies of slavery and colonialism which includes: institutionalized racism and sexism, compromised emotional and physical health, master/oppressed ideology towards human and non-human animals, environmental racism, etc.” We’ll be discussing Harper’s interdisciplinary scholarship, the upcoming anthology, and her political and personal journey.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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