“Stop Cooking With Cheese!” with Dr. Neal Barnard

Photo © Living in Monrovia

“Stop Cooking With Cheese!” That may be the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s tongue-in-cheek advice to parents who want their adult children to move out of the house, but you may want to take it seriously after hearing this show. Dr. Neal Barnard, founder and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and author of Breaking the Food Seduction, will enlighten us as to why it’s so hard to break the cheese habit, the clinical effects of cheese consumption, what the dairy industry doesn’t want you to know, and the government-sponsored programs that have motivated consumers to double their cheese consumption in the last 30 years.

PCRM is a nationwide organization of physicians and laypersons that promotes preventive medicine, especially good nutrition, and addresses controversies in modern medicine, including ethical issues in research.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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