Pleasurable Kingdoms and Kitchens

First up, we’re joined by the creators of The Eazy Vegan, a sassy video podcast that proves vegan cooking doesn’t have to be intimidating. With your hosts AngelA and Jason, each episode features a quick and tasty recipe made with helpful (and often funny) commentary during the show. This is a great program to get you re-inspired in the kitchen, or to show sceptics who believe vegan cooking is complicated and boring.

Then, Dr. Jonathan Balcombe will tell us about his new book, Pleasurable Kingdom, which focuses on animals’ capacity to enjoy life. Centrally, Pleasurable Kingdom shows readers that animals experience a full repertoire of emotions and states beyond simple pain avoidance. Balcombe will explain why animals engage in all sorts of pleasurable behavior, and what it tells us about the rich diversity of their lives. His analysis provides a strong imperative to adopt a more nuanced understanding of animalkind. The implications for our advocacy are great. Balcombe’s book is infused with reverence and respect of the highest degree.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

2 thoughts on “Pleasurable Kingdoms and Kitchens

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