Radio Against Rodeos

Calf roping. Photo credit: SHARK

Animal advocates are sometimes accused of being physically removed from, and unrealistic about, the animals they try to help. Challenged as city folks who have never depended on animals for livelihood, activists are dismissed as sentimental and woefully ignorant of natural life cycles. In anticipation of such concerns, Animal Voices welcomes Dr. Peggy Larson to Tuesday’s program, to share her perspective on this week’s topic: rodeos. As a former rodeo competitor and a veterinarian who has treated rodeo animals, Dr. Larson provides an insider look at an industry that many call cruel and outdated. On this week’s show, hear why this past rodeo participant retired from riding and later founded the National Spay and Neuter Coalition.

Then, we’ll check in with Peter Fricker, a Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) spokesperson, who will tell us about the historic Vancouver City Council decision to prohibit a number of inhumane practices associated with rodeos, effectively banning the events city-wide. “Rodeo is based on animals’ reactions to pain, fear and stress… It’s animal abuse, plain and simple. We’re glad it will never happen in Vancouver again,” says Fricker.

Want to find how and why the ban happened? Wondering how to encourage other cities to follow suit? Fricker will share some sound advice with our listeners.

Likewise, Kamila Monroe from Wild at Heart will tell us about another way to kick up some dust. Wild at Heart is organizing a protest against “The Great Markham Rodeo” and you can get involved. Get your road-tripping music-mixes out, and gear up for a bus ride to Markham on May 27th. Tune in Tuesday to find out more about this new, ambitious group and how to reserve your spot on the bus.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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