The Primate Freedom Project

It’s hard to believe that primate experimentation still happens today, especially when vivisectors and critics alike agree that there are many similarities between people and non-human primates. Given the evidence, why do these experiments continue? Part of the answer might be that vivisectors, and all those who profit from animal experimentation, have opacity on their side. People generally don’t directly come in contact with “lab animals,” nor the conditions they endure. The issue of animal experimentation is simply not on the radar for much of the public.

Rick Bogle, co-founder of the Primate Freedom Project, wants people to join him in asking the question, “How like us do they have to be?” as an entry point into a larger discussion about animal ethics and human responsibility. Disturbed by animal experimentation and other cruelties against animals, The Primate Freedom Project decided to try something a little unconventional: Purchase some property that would serve as a centralized, public forum for debate, right between two primate research labs. Enter Bogle’s brainchild, The National Primate Research Exhibition Hall. “Sandwiched tightly between the historic and infamous Harry F. Harlow Primate Psychology building and the National Institutes of Health’s flagship vivisection lab, the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, the Exhibition Hall’s permanent presence and clear voice will be impossible to ignore.”

On this Animal Voices, Bogle provides an introduction to vivisection, shares some fascinating studies about animals, describes his vision for the Exhibition hall and explains why the Primate Freedom Project is now enmeshed in a lawsuit.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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