Folktails: Jan Thornhill talks about animals, children, and literature

On this week’s Animal Voices, we’ll hear from Marine Mammal Specialist Richard O’Barry about the annual Japan Dolphin Day, the international protest against the slaughter of 20,000 dolphins in Japan. This year’s protest is on Wednesday, September 20 at noon at Japanese Embassies worldwide. Then we’ll be speaking with children’s author Jan Thornhill about her fascinating … Continue reading

Toronto’s Vegetarian Food Fair: The Largest Veggie Festival in North America

From Sept 8 – Sept 10, an estimated 15,000 people will pass through the expansive grounds at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre for the 22nd Annual Vegetarian Food Fair. Over 100 exhibitors will share their knowledge and products with vegetarians and the veg-curious. Those interested in health, animal advocacy, and environmental issues will also enjoy a host of … Continue reading

Vegan Women & Anemia, Food Sensitivities, And The 4 Top Nutrition Tips

As representatives of veganism, if we let our health deteriorate because we’re not taking proper care of ourselves, we fail ourselves, the vegan movement, and the animals we’re trying to save. Vesanto Melina, MS, Registered Dietitian, co-author of Becoming Vegan and several other well-known books, will join us to highlight what we need to know to … Continue reading

Vivisection in Brazil & Militancy in the Animal Movements

First, director Denise Gonçalves will talk about the new film Não Matarás, which addresses animal experimentation in Brazil (includes subtitles in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese). The film, created by the Instituto Nina Rosa, offers an important snapshot of animal activism in Brazil, and a devastating picture of animal cruelty within research labs and universities. Gonçalves … Continue reading

Why Birds Sing

In his truly exuberant and awe-inspiring book, Why Birds Sing: A Journey into the Mystery of Bird Song, David Rothenberg engages in a fascinating discussion of music, science, and poetry. As a musician and philosopher, Rothenberg is not satisfied with the standard explanation that birds only sing “to attract mates, to prove their genetic fitness with … Continue reading

Animal Geographies

What might geography offer to animal studies, and the so-called “animal question”? What is animal geography exactly, and how does this approach challenge, and also build upon, conventional geography? How can an analysis of spatial dynamics potentially contribute to a deeper, more humble understanding of animals? To answer these and other questions, we caught up … Continue reading

The Primate Freedom Project

It’s hard to believe that primate experimentation still happens today, especially when vivisectors and critics alike agree that there are many similarities between people and non-human primates. Given the evidence, why do these experiments continue? Part of the answer might be that vivisectors, and all those who profit from animal experimentation, have opacity on their … Continue reading