Eco and Vegan Giveaways!

Tune in for our weekly news segment, and a fun holiday program. We’ll be talking to Marisa King, one of the founders of the vegan and environmentally-friendly company, Comondi. We’ll discuss “green consumerism”, the small-scale suppliers behind the products, negotiating economics and activism, and what King wishes she’d known years ago about running a business. She’ll … Continue reading

From a Renaissance Radical to Talking Pigs: Dr. Erica Fudge’s Take on History and Culture

We often look back on previous eras with moral righteousness, but how far have we really come in our treatment of animals? How complete is any history that fails to acknowledge the enormous role animals have played in shaping human culture, and our self-identity? Historians have rarely regarded animals as a serious topic of study. … Continue reading

Feminism, Animals, and Science: Interview with Dr. Lynda Birke

Please join us for a conversation with esteemed feminist biologist, Lynda Birke. With numerous titles to her name, including The Sacrifice: How Scientific Experiments Transform Animals and People (co-authored, 2007), Feminism and the Biological Body (2000), Feminism, Animals, and Science: The Naming of the Shrew (1994), among others, Birke has been breaking new ground for over three decades. … Continue reading