Turning Pages: An Interview with Satya Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Catherine Clyne

What is the state of animal advocacy today? Where are we getting stuck, and how are we moving forward? How do we both confront the negative ideas about activists, and also cultivate self-critique?

Please tune in to a live interview with Catherine Clyne, Editor-in-Chief of Satya magazine, as she wades into these and other questions, offering her observations on the animal movement, the politics of magazine production, and the hottest topics to ever scorch Satya‘s pages. Also, Clyne evaluates Satya‘s efforts to realize its dream to bridge animal advocacy and other social justice/ecological issues. This interview promises a behind-the-scenes look at alternative media, and speaks to the challenges of activism during these volatile times. A critical player in the movement, Satya features perspectives to be reckoned with and genuine hope for the future.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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