Kinks and Grooves: The Valentine’s Day Show

Camilla Taylor

Martinis, sex toys, and chocolate… these are just a few of the topics we dive into on our Valentine’s Day show. First up, we reach Steve Fish, proprietor of Left Feet, which sells vegan fair trade shoes and other goodies. Steve tells us how Toronto folks can get their groove on every Saturday with Manatee Nights at Fressen Restaurant. Great food and drink, combined with a warm atmosphere, these weekly events feature the eclectic tunes of the mighty Fish Bros. So come talk shop (or not), dance (if you like), and socialize with other veggie types in the Toronto community.

Next, we chat with entrepreneur, Camilla Taylor, who both owns and designs bondage gear for During our conversation, Camilla compares the properties of Lorica, the pleather she uses to craft her goods, to leather, and reflects on growing up in the most conservative town in the U.S. (it’s a fact!), slaughterhouses, and the politics of BDSM from a vegan perspective, including her take on human sexuality. Then, the multi-talented artist discusses her upcoming art show, and elaborates on the layered responses to her beautiful and disturbing pieces.

Lastly, Karol (our new tech) provides listeners with a taste of Friends of Animals‘ article, Fair Trade Chocolate: The Sweetest Direct Action You’ll Ever Do, which discusses the relationships between multi-nationalism, child exploitation, slavery, and chocolate. Although we didn’t get a chance to read the full story, if this issue is new to you, we hope you’ll check out the piece in full to learn more about what’s under that innocent candy wrapper. (There’s a nice, big list of which companies find animal-free and fair trade chocolates at the end of the article.)

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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