Fundraising Drive Show

Karol (on-air tech), Sue (phone volunteer), Lauren (host/producer), and Levi (phone volunteer)

A sincere and mushy thank you to everyone who donated through pre-pledges and during our CIUT 89.5 fundraising drive show. Without people like you, Animal Voices wouldn’t be on the air. Once again, due to listener support, we met our minimum donation quota! Not only did you support a great community radio station, but you also helped send a strong message to CIUT that you want Animal Voices to continue. We greatly appreciate it, and we look forward to bringing you more unique shows in the future.

For folks who missed the show, or the opportunity to donate, please hang on to that cash until the next fundraising drive in the Fall. It would be great if we could count on you to help us meet our quota next time. Check out the archived program to hear some of the highlights and funny moments from the past six months. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to play all the clips we brought in due to time contraints, but we hope you enjoy the samples that got some additional air time.

Also, congratulations to Roman Pawlyshyn who won the dinner for two from Fressen restaurant!

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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