Herbivore Magazine & The Imaginary Childhood Journal of Albert Schweitzer

Maybe you’ve noticed that cheeky Herbivore magazine has recently taken a bit of whatever Alice did, and has shrunk to about a quarter of its original size. Today we connect with editor, Josh Hooten, to learn more about the Indy Press Newsstand Services (a unit of the Independent Press Association) debacle, the sorry state of indie publishing, and how Herbivore learned to make lemonade out of some pretty nasty lemons. Hooten will also give us a taste of what’s in store this summer for subscribers and other Herbivore fans.

Then, Sheila Hamanaka joins us to discuss her new book The Boy Who Loved All Living Things: The Imaginary Childhood Journal of Albert Schweitzer, including a conversation about the challenge of writing textured, animal-themed children’s lit and more about the man who inspired her recent text. “Children lead complicated lives. Like many kids today, Albert felt peer pressure… Like many kids, he was dealt with severely at times, and like many kids, he sometimes meted out the same treatment in kind to his animal friends. This is real stuff,” writes Hamanaka. “What is different about Albert, and what I hope kids take away, is how he chose to deal with his challenges… I hope that this book will bring a Nobel prizewinner to life as a real — not perfect — person, and remind us all to be kinder.” Well-known for his “reverence for life” philosophy and his medical missionary work in Africa, Schweitzer won the Nobel Peace Prize of 1952. He remains both a complex and compelling figure for many.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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