Animal Friends Croatia

Anita Euschen, International Campaigns Coordinator for Animal Friends Croatia (AFC) will connect with us live from Zagreb to talk about animal treatment and organizing in Croatia. Founded in 2001, AFC is composed of fourteen branches, with over 2,300 members and 7,500 supporters. AFC is an ambitious and passionate group that focuses on a variety of animal issues, including zoos, hunting, vegetarianism, animal experimentation, and fur farming, among others.

While tackling issues typical of the animal movements, AFC also concentrates on issues of particular concern with respect to animals in Croatia. For example, according to the AFC website, although Croatia is a small Central European country, it is also the largest world producer of chinchilla fur, “with up to 50% of the total world production.” Further, ostrich slaughter, the decimation of the Adriatic Sea’s fish populations, bear hunting and hunting tourism, donkey abuse associated with races and riding, the killing and selling of rare song birds, and inadequacies of the Croatian Animal Protection Act all represent pressing concerns for the AFC.

Disturbed by the great disregard of animals, AFC states, “As people who are more concerned about nature and animals than about profit and also as people who are full citizens of this country, we cannot help asking ourselves if Croatia is becoming a country of cruelty. Is Croatia becoming the slaughterhouse of Europe?”

Join us as we explore the treatment of animals in Croatia, the impacts of tourism within the country, AFC’s positive gains and successful strategies, and how Croatian cultural traditions fit into the picture.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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