Your Mommy Kills Animals!: Curt Johnson Walks the Line

You might not know it by looking at mainstream media, but the animal movements are full of a diversity of perspectives and strategies. Curt Johnson, Academy-award winner, and director of Your Mommy Kills Animals speaks with us live about his journey into the animal movements and the making of the film. Spurred by a curiosity about the issues and the organizations that call this movement home, Johnson set out to learn more about what makes animal activists tick… and what ticks them off.

Your Mommy Kills Animals concentrates on a melange of groups and group leaders, including folks such as Kevin Kjonaas from SHAC, and their critics, perhaps most notably David Martosko from the Center for Consumer Freedom. The documentary, while described as “a film, not an opinion”, in part provides an unequivocal critique of PETA and HSUS (neither group agreed to be interviewed), and ponders the fact that animal rights activists are currently considered the number one domestic terrorist threat in the United States. Your Mommy Kills Animals addresses themes of animal abuse, radicalism, hypocrisy, welfare, abolitionism, and violence, as Johnson talks with fur farmers, celebrities, activists and dissidents to initiate a conversation about the state of the movement today, while shining a few floodlights on the simmering, behind-the-scenes debates.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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