The Secret Lives of Sloths – Part II


We’re delighted that Judy Avey-Arroyo, co-founder of the Aviarios del Caribe Wildlife Centre and the Buttercup Centre Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, will join us again to talk about sloths. We’ll hear more about sloths’ habitat and history, the sloth pet trade, the Sanctuary’s “Adopt A Sloth” program, additional stories about the individual animals at the sanctuary, and so much more…

After struggling with a poor phone connection last week, eventually we could hear Judy clearly, but we lost about fifteen minutes of our potential interview time. (Did we mention it’s live radio?) We wanted to have her back on the program soon. Over the past week, so much positive listener feedback has just confirmed this! We also hope you enjoy Part II.

For folks who missed Part I, the show is now archived here. During the program, Judy talks about banana plantations and wildlife reserves, sloth injuries, the Sanctuary’s education efforts, “sloth moss”, and how sloth poop helps make the world go round. In the midst of all that, Judy reminds us that sloths aren’t slothful at all… they’re slowthful.

Listen right now:

Download an mp3 of the interview.

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