Rescue, Shelter, and Education: The Ferret Aid Society Speaks

When people think of vivisection, ferrets aren’t usually the first animals who spring to mind. Or, similarly, mention animal cruelty investigations, and people tend to imagine cats and dogs.

While ferrets are plagued by cultural stereotypes that they stink and love to bite, The Ferret Aid Society offers a very different interpretation of these inquisitive animals. Started in 1994, president and founder of the organization, Randy Belair, tells a heart-wrenching story of the first ferret who inspired her and her mother to launch the FAS. Thirteen years later, Randy has rescued many ferrets, nursed them to health, turned her home into a shelter, educated the public, and side-stepped imminent burn-out. (Needless to say, it’s been a lot work!)

Tune in as Randy shares personal stories about the ferrets she and the FAS volunteers have known and loved. Hear about Randy’s experiences doing investigations, and find out what ferrets need to thrive. Keep the dial locked to find out more about ferrets not only in Ontario, but also around the world. Additionally, we’ll talk about the economic connections among backyard breeders, farmers, and hunters.

Still under the radar of many animal advocates, this show promises to pay homage to the struggles and joys of these underrated animals.

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