Animal-Friendly Resolutions for 2008

© / Kenn Wislander

Tune in to hear a grabbag of animal-friendly and veg-related resolutions for 2008. We’ve tapped our listeners, and a few past guests, to hear what’s cooking for the new year. Wanna know what Sarah Kramer, of How it All Vegan and La Dolce Vegan fame, has in store for 2008? (Hint: It’s stringy!) Maybe you’re curious about why activist and perennial AV guest Rae Sikora isn’t interested in earning more than $10,000 this year? Or perhaps you’ll identify with a listener’s pledge to make peace with city squirrels.

From making the switch from vegetarianism to veganism, eating more local foods, adopting a goat, doing animal rights and environmental outreach, indulging in more cupcakes… among other ideas, join us as we ring in the new year with a few laughs, and some concrete actions for 2008. Also, join us as we bid farewell to the long-running Animal Voices’ show introduction. Karol premieres the new intro and tells us about how the piece came together. The news segment is back too!

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