Seeing Through the Fence: An Interview with Eleni Vlachos

Photo by Jeremy M. Lange. Source:

Meat-eating is a ubiquitous practice through many parts of the world. While vegetarians are frequently asked why they eschew animal products, it is less likely to hear omnivores reflect on their dietary choices. Eleni Vlachos, with camera in hand and judgement reserved, takes to the streets in the United States to talk with activists and non-activists alike about animals, culture, food, and the many factors that shape daily consumption. We also travel with Vlachos to Greece, as she meets with her father and other family to explore these questions in person. What emerges is a set of intimate conversations that are at times funny and bittersweet. Those who have found themselves misunderstood by their families because of their veganism will likely see their experiences reflected in these moving and sympathetic family portraits.

First-time documentarian Eleni Vlachos offers a film whose ethical heart rests at the seat of conversation. Join us as she shares the challenges and rewards of making Seeing Through the Fence.

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