Critical Work: Human-Animal Relationships and Education

Russell (left) and Fawcett (right)

In this lively panel discussion, colleagues and friends Dr. Leesa Fawcett and Dr. Constance (Connie) Russell reflect on environmental education, critical pedagogy, and the rise of “human-animal studies.” Russell (whose research interests include animal-related ecotourism) and Fawcett (whose research interests include animal consciousness and cultures) offer their personal and professional experiences to highlight questions related to advocacy, classroom dynamics, feminism and ideological shifts in the Academy. Never satisfied with simple answers, these interdisciplinary scholars bring a sense of humility to their work to offer complex and ethically-informed analyses of human-animal relationships. Notably, too, as mentors to the current host of Animal Voices, both Russell and Fawcett have greatly influenced the direction of the radio program.

Connie Russell is co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Environmental Education and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Lakehead University.

Leesa Fawcett is an Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at York University. In 2001, she received the University-Wide Teaching Award for Teaching Excellence from the York University Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning and the York Parents Association.

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