New Media and Animal Life: An Interview with Carol Gigliotti

photo from Gigliotti’s forthcoming edited book, Leonardo’s Choice: genetic technologies and animals

As technologies change so does art in its response and engagement. New ethical questions emerge, while old debates are reignited, both about the meaning of art and the world beyond. In this conversation, we speak with artist and professor Dr. Carol Gigliotti (Emily Carr University of Art and Design) about contemporary artists’ use of animal life in interactive technologies, also known as New Media. Gigliotti guides us through some case studies, including that of Alba, artist Eduardo Kac’s “GFP (green fluorescent protein) Bunny,” while she elaborates on her own ethical and aesthetic interpretation of such projects. Informed by years of study and relationships with other artists, Gigliotti deftly challenges New Media’s cutting edge as it slices across art and science, social taboos, and animals’ lives.

Gigliotti’s upcoming book is entitled Wildness and Technology. She is the Co-Chair of the Community Engagement Research Cluster for Vancouver’s Center for Interactive Research in Sustainability, and is the Associate Editor of the Journal for Critical Animal Studies. For more information, please see her extensive website

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