ProAnima: Animal Rights Lessons from Brazil

Brazil boasts some of the world’s most progressive animal welfare legislation, but unfortunately what’s on paper has not materialized for the majority of the country’s animals. Despite the general lack of legal enforcement in Brazil, the organization ProAnima has made great strides for animals, and has carved a space for animal rights within public debate.

ProAnima, a non-profit and volunteer group based in Brasília, focuses on ending the use of animals in circuses and horse carting, changing public policy on Leishmaniasis disease, and stopping the mass slaughter of street dogs and cats. In this interview we connect with ProAnima’s founder Simone de Lima to discuss the organization’s achievements, including how its members gained the police’s sympathy and shifted the public’s view of circuses. Additionally, de Lima details the campaign issues, while she also describes the link between colonialism and circuses, and offers fascinating insight into rural and urban attitudes toward animals.

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