An Ocean of Energy: An Interview with Bob Timmons

An Ocean of Energy: An Interview with Bob Timmons

Few activists can boast the energy and determination of Bob Timmons. Bursting onto the Toronto animal advocacy community just two short years ago, Bob has proven himself since to be a dedicated and tireless member of groups such as ARKII. He has written letters, facilitated networking among activists, and logged countless hours of in-the-streets activism. … Continue reading

The Great Chimp Migration: An Interview with Save The Chimps’ Jen Feuerstein

Join us on this week’s Animal Voices as we speak with Save The Chimps’ Jen Feuerstein. As Shelter Director, Jen is responsible for overseeing the operations of the STC shelters in Alamogordo, New Mexico and Fort Pierce, Florida, and for the “Great Chimp Migration,” which seeks to move the chimps currently housed at Alamogordo to … Continue reading

Voice of the Voiceless: Online and Offline Activism With Peter Young

Through avenues such as facebook, blogging and twitter, the internet has arguably become a powerful avenue for activists to share information, debate topics, and organize themselves. Though many (including Peter Young) would question the value and worth of online activism, it is for many veterans in the animal advocacy movements a new and necessary tool … Continue reading

When The Fight Is Over: Cockfighter Rehabilitation With Miriam Jones

Cockfighting is major news in the United States these days, with almost weekly reports of police raids on the illegal fighting and gambling operations. What happens after the raids, rescue and relocation? On this week’s program, we catch up with Miriam Jones from the Eastern Shore Sanctuary who tells us about the politics and practice … Continue reading

Local Actions and Legal Precedents: Interviews with Elizabeth Schoales and Will Potter

On this installment of Animal Voices we speak directly to an activist trying to effect important change on a local level in Canada, and to a journalist bringing attention to how a new legal precedent will affect activists all over the US. First, we speak with Elizabeth Schoales, an activist based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward … Continue reading

Taking The Sting Out: An Interview with Scorpion Conservationist Matt Ellerbeck

There is perhaps no “bug” as feared — and misunderstood — as the scorpion. Though scorpions are relatively harmless and non-confrontational creatures, they face a surprising amount of persecution and are maligned for many ill-informed reasons. Scorpion conservationist Matt Ellerbeck gives us a different view, appreciating the scorpions in their own right and debunking the myriad myths … Continue reading

Celebrating The Decades: Talking Anniversaries with Mishka Alarcon and Sarah Kramer

On this special episode of Animal Voices, we speak with Mishka Alarcon — lead organizer of the Annual Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair — and Sarah Kramer — cookbook author extraordinaire — about the passing of some incredible milestones. Both guests give us great insight into how their projects and their activism has grown over the decades. First, we … Continue reading