Reaching Out: The VegFund and Pet Loss Program Offer Support

© / Stephen Uber

At first glance, that decadent dairy-free brownie may seem like any other dessert, but in the hands of a savvy vegan advocate, that sweet treat can transform into a powerful tool for social and environmental change. As many vegans know, tasty animal-free foods shared at a potluck or offered as a gift can open dialogues and challenge stereotypes in ways that even some of the most compelling arguments cannot. Enter the remarkable VegFund, an organization that provides money to activists who are interested in providing vegan food at non-veg local events. In this interview, Rae Sikora explains why the free food plus educational literature make such a great pair, and how you can start accessing the fund in your area.

In our feature interview, Angie Rupra (M.S.W., R.S.W), shares her insights into animal companion loss. Struck by a dearth of resources when her dog and best friend, Montey, passed away in 2004, Rupra began volunteering with the Halton/Peel Pet Loss Support Group and studying companion animal loss in earnest. Now, as the Pet Loss Program Coordinator with the Pet Vet Hospitals, Rupra continues to help those grieving the death of an animal. If you’ve ever struggled with the loss of an animal, or know someone who has, please tune in to hear some compassionate advice about ways you can help yourself and others.

Please note that the Pet Loss Program services are offered at no cost, with the exception of long-term counselling (considered more than 2 face-to-face sessions). People from anywhere can call as Rupra does telephone and email support. You can either call or write: 1-866-226-8079, ext. 55 / angie.rupra [at]

Angie draws on anti-oppressive and critical approaches to social work. She completed her Bachelor of Social Work at Ryerson University, Masters of Social Work with York University, and Bereavement Education Certificate Program with Toronto Advanced Professional Education.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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