An Offer You Can’t Refuse!: A Recession-Proof Deal from Animal Voices

© / Viorika Prikhodko

A huge thank you to everyone who took us up on our offer of “$25 for your very own radio show” during the Spring “Friends of 89.5” fundraising drive.

As many of you know, our station CIUT 89.5 FM requires each radio show to bring in ten new/renewing members per hour of programming. (And if we don’t, says Karol [our trusty tech], then “Kablammo, right in the kisser!” which translates to, we might lose our show if we don’t fulfill our quota.) Despite these recession and hand-wringing times, Animal Voices’ generous listeners once again helped the show meet its quota. Your $25 donations keep Animal Voices on the air, and that’s a pretty good deal, we think.

This community radio show is an all-volunteer labour of love. We maintain our commitment to bridging animal advocacy with other social and environmental justice movements. Animal Voices is the only animal activism show in Toronto, and one of the rare few to offer this consistently intersectional approach. Thank you for letting us keep doing what we do: highlighting the smart, passionate, and creative voices of those who struggle every day to help animals!

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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