Local Actions and Legal Precedents: Interviews with Elizabeth Schoales and Will Potter

On this installment of Animal Voices we speak directly to an activist trying to effect important change on a local level in Canada, and to a journalist bringing attention to how a new legal precedent will affect activists all over the US.

Photo © Bill Swindaman

First, we speak with Elizabeth Schoales, an activist based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. In addition to work with the Cat Action Team (the only Trap, Neuter, Return program in PEI), Schoales has been busy trying to get the Charlottetown municipal government to rethink their wildlife removal program, which results in hundreds of skunks (and other animals) being trapped and shot every year within the city limits. We also discuss the recent bust of PuppiesAcrossCanada.com, a website operating as a front for a puppy mill in PEI. [To contact Schoales about helping her with her work, please contact: animalvoices AT gmail DOT com]

Next, we catch up once again with journalist and blogger Will Potter to discuss the recent upholding of convictions against the SHAC 7 by a US appellate court. Though the ruling has passed quietly and virtually unnoticed in the mainstream press, Potter gives us a grim analysis of its possible implications for what is and is not protected speech in the US. A must listen for any activists who encourage or endorse direct action as a tactic of animal liberation.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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